Alamo Colleges Jobs Program for Student to Get More Experiences

Alamo Colleges Jobs Program for Student to Get More Experiences

Alamo colleges jobs has become one of interesting thing we can found today. It’s because, this program allows anyone to try to work in Alamo Colleges. Alamo Colleges itself is a group of 5 community colleges round Bexar County, Texas. This college provides three programs that anyone can use. However, one of most interesting program is the program for student.

Work Study Program

This program focuses on providing chance for student, especially those who study in Alamo Colleges to work. Of course, with this program, student can get extra income. And, like its name, student also can learn many things with this program. In order to eligible for this program, there are several requirements that they need to fulfill, such as:

–       Eligible to get Financial Aid

This is important, because with this program, student can focus on their study. Or, in simplest way, this program is only for student who are looking for part-time job. This requirement also makes sure that student won’t have problem in the future.

–       Fulfilling six credit hours

This means, student doesn’t have any problem with their education. Therefore, the job that they take through this program won’t disturb with their study. With this many credit hours, student also assume know and understand the condition of the place where they will work.

–       Submit a resume

When student apply for this alamo colleges jobs program, they also need to submit a resume. This is similar to when student want to work after graduate. We can say they can practice using this method.

The Type of Jobs

Most of job that available through this program is related to study or college activity. One of them is working to support many different departments in colleges. Student that gets this job will get various tasks. All of them need to be done in order to make the department where they work, run smoothly. This is where student also can learn more about the subject on that department. However, in order to have bigger chance to get the job, student with specific skills is needed. This is also the reason, why they need student with credit hours. Although in the requirement, high school graduation also can apply, but the college student has better chance here.

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The other important thing about this job is there is limit for working hours. Every week, student can only work for 15 hours. However, if we look at the payment for this job per hours, it’s quite promising. Mostly, you will be paid starting from $9 per hour.

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Other Job Programs

Work Study program is only one of programs that Alamo Colleges provides. Other than this program, there are other programs that you also can apply. They are Staff and Faculty program. Like its name, this job is available for you who want to work with staff or at colleges as one of worker in department. Basically, the program is available for providing chance for anyone. And, for student, they also can get more experience by using these alamo colleges jobs.

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