American Association of Colleges of Nursing Programs for Ensuring Better Nursing Future

American Association of Colleges of Nursing Programs for Ensuring Better Nursing Future

American association of colleges of nursing or AACN is an organization that has important role for nursing schools. They represent more than nursing schools that you can find at 810 universities in this country. The main tasks of AACN are many, such as:

  • Decide quality standard for nursing school,
  • Provide assistance for educator to apply that standard,
  • Has role in nursing profession to get better service,
  • Provide facilities for baccalaureate and graduate education, so they can apply their knowledge in research or practice it.

More than that, AACN also has several programs to make sure their function work well. Here they are.

Curriculum Standard

AACN develop the document and guide for many people that work in this field, including Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs. This document will ensure that the standard for the education in this field is good. This standard guide explains everything that they need to do, from nursing education to research.

Health Policy Advocacy

This program supports the government in developing nursing education. AACN also helps government for their research and practice of nursing.  With this program, they also have big role in deciding the policy related to nursing education.


Just like its name, this program will give acknowledgement to institution that needs it. This program is used by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). This organization is trusted and has doing their task for many facilities, from DNP programs to nursing agency. Therefore, the accreditation process will work objectively.

Research and Data Services

Other program from american association of colleges of nursing that has job to maintain Institutional Data System. This system is the record of student enrollment, faculty demographics and many other aspects in nursing education. With the data from this program, AACN can support government to create better nursing program in the future. In the end, it will also improve the quality of nursing service.

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Conferences and Webinars

Other than program that supports other program like mentioned before, AACN also involves directly. And, to do this, they have this conference and webinars program. They supported many national nursing meeting and conference in many areas in this country. And the sole purpose of this program is to increase the quality of educator and nursing school or institution. The webinars in this program also can be used for baccalaureate and nurse educator. They can use it for training and learn more knowledge to improve their quality.

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Special Projects

Like its name, this program tries to support many nursing school and educator. With this program, AACN try to find funding to support them. The latest project is project to support end-of-life nursing care. For this project, AACN work together with End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium. Other than that, there is also project that support nurse residency programs. Basically, this program was made to provide many supports for different aspect that isn’t included in other programs from AACN. And, to improve nursing quality is the main purpose of all programs from american association of colleges of nursing.

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