4 Best Colleges for Political Science

4 Best Colleges for Political Science

4 Best Colleges for Political ScienceFinding the best colleges for political science is an important step if you want to learn more about political science. Indeed, political science is an interesting study program, especially for nowadays. Since the political situations in many countries are getting more and more intense, understanding better about it will be such a benefit. That is why a lot of young people today want to enroll to colleges that have political science program. There are many colleges across the United States of America that have political science study program. If you want some suggestions, below are 4 of the best colleges for political science that you can find across the United States of America.

1. Georgetown University

Georgetown University is one of the most famous universities in United States of America. The location of the university is in America’s capitol. That is why this university is considered to be one of the best places to study political science. Being a student of political science in this university is going to give you lots of opportunities for internships many interesting areas, such as in American government area, international relations, and many more.

2. Columbia University

Columbia University is the oldest college in New York, even in the entire state. Since the university was established in 1754, the Department of Political Science has always been the best program for students in this university. Students of the political science program in the university will have the chance to learn a lot of things, including international relations, political theory, comparative politics, and many more.

3. Washington University in St. Louis

The Department of Political Science that Washington University in St. Louis has is famous to be one of the finest one in the entire nation. The political science programs are designed with strong curriculum both in theory and methodology. Students of the political science programs are going to be trained and educated to fully understand politics, American politics and world politic as well.

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4. Princeton University

As an Ivy League school, it is believed that Princeton University has the best Department of Politics across the nation. Students of this political science program will learn numerous things about American politics, international politics, and also political theory. A lot of great politicians and political scientists were educated in Princeton. That is why the credibility of this university cannot be taken for granted. Many people try to enroll to the political science program in this university every year. It makes the chance to get accepted in this university is slightly smaller.

Those are 4 great universities up there and all of them have amazing political science programs. Considering that all of those universities mentioned above are elite universities, you cannot take them for granted. If you want to get accepted to those universities, you better prepare yourself better. There will be numerous people aiming the same spot that you aim. That is why you need to make sure that you do the best to get accepted to the best colleges for political science like those colleges above.

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