best colleges in new england

Four of the Best Colleges in New England

New England has its own attractive parts that many people never want to miss. One of them is because of the number of best colleges in New England. Yes, there are some nice colleges that you can find in this area, but there are only some of the best. If you like it, here are some of the best colleges that you can find in New England.

Harvard University

The name of Harvard in Massachusetts is very famous. It is one of the best universities not only in the USA but also in the world. You need to know that Harvard University is considered as one of that private university in the USA. Even so, the quality of this university is known throughout the USA as one of the best universities. That is something that you cannot deny even if you compare it with the other state universities. You can see that from the number of enrollment students that reached 30,000 students. That number is something big for this university. You cannot deny that even though the best colleges in New England had one of the toughest entry selection in the US.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

If you are talking about technology, this university is the best one that you need to attend. The main reason is because of their focus on science and engineering. That means you can find some different programs related to those two fields. Many people realize that this university has less than 11,000 students. The thing is that they do not realize most of the students are the science and engineering students. That is the thing that made this institute of technology is very famous. For your information, this university hosts one of the best business schools that you can find in the USA too. That is why the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is becoming one amazing university.

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Yale University

Yale University is in Connecticut. This place is not that famous, but this university is something very famous. Yale University is one of the members of Ivy League. The university leagues only consist of the best universities. Even though Yale University only has about 13,000 students in total, there are quite a lot of programs on the best colleges in New England. As an addition to that, the faculty to student comparison on this university is just one-sixth. That means you can focus your study in this university. That might be one reason why most of the students in this university are quite serious.

Dartmouth University

Dartmouth University is the last from the list but does not mean the quality is the lowest. This university still has a quality such as other universities mentioned above. You can see that from the fact that they are the smallest member of the Ivy League. It is not something easy since you need the potential to join the Ivy League. However, with a small number of students, they can be one of the members. It is one achievement that you need to notice if you are looking for a university. If you love science and history, Dartmouth University is the one that you need.

It is not a secret anymore that there are a lot of people who come to New England to study. If you want it too, think of one of those best colleges in New England mentioned above.