Best Political Science Colleges

Best Political Science Colleges

Best Political Science CollegesBest Political Science Colleges. Political Science is a program study about the analysis of the government system, political activities, political behavior and political thoughts of a country. The study mainly deals with the practice and theory of politics which usually determining the power and resources which are distributed in a country. There are numerous subfields of political science such as:

  • Political Economy
  • International Relations
  • Public Policy
  • Public Administration
  • Political Methodology
  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Theory

The political study covers a lot of related fields to study with due to its wide range of understanding. The related field of study such as Economic, Law, Geography, Anthropology, History, Sociology, and even Psychology are all aspects of knowledge study which are necessary for a politician to possess. Political Science concern about the allocation and distribution of power correctly in terms of Decision Making.

The Best Political Science Colleges

There are a lot of Colleges in the world which offers the Political Science course Programs. In this short article, it will cover a few of them if you are looking for the best colleges which offer the best political science programs you could pay attention to. These are a few of the best universities:

  1. Harvard University
  • This University would allow the students to gain more interests in participating in government environment activities. Variation of classes such as the study in Political Theory, International Relations, and American Politics is offered in this University each semester. To further enhance the student’s understanding of American and international politics, the option of abroad study is also one of the possible selection of choice. For the graduates of Harvard with the poly-sci degree, the possible average starting salary would be around $45.000
  1. Georgetown University
  • The Georgetown University is located in Georgetown Washington D.C. By being located in the capital city of the USA, the university is able to give the students access to the central government of the United States buildings. This would give the students the opportunity to find internships and gain connection inside the government working environment. Graduates of this University would have extensive knowledge of political science which would allow them to have the starting pay grade of $43.000 to the mid-career worth of $87,000 salary.
  1. Columbia University
  • Columbia University is one of the oldest university located in New York. The University’s Department of Political Science is the pioneer for the country’s political science education and never stops to attract top graduate students and undergraduate students to enroll in this top university. The students of this university are allowed to choose in continuing their education with the master and Ph.D. programs or joining the workforce. The usual average salary of the graduates from this university is around $51,000.
  1. University of Pennsylvania
  • This is the university which managed to achieve the prestigious Third rank among the entire nation. The political science program offered by this university is famous for being able to prepare its students for maximum performance in both the private and public sectors. The average salary of graduates from this university usually starts at $51,000.
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These are a few top universities recommended for you if you are looking for the Best Political Science Colleges.