Intellectual Property (IP) at universities plays an important role in both teaching functions and research. IP is created by universities / PRIs and also third-party IPs they use on their work. Basically, IP is also a basic thing to make

When wanting to continue education to a higher level, of course there is a line of famous universities that crossed our minds. However, whether the universities that we want is definitely we can get into? We are allowed to dream,

Universities at Shady Grove was founded in 2000. This university is located in north Potomac, Maryland, USA. The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) offer over 80 programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. Although these universities are still relatively new, but the

When in the last year of high school, most students will feel anxious about their future. Now everyone has to choose their own path. If they want to go to college, they have to decide what direction is suitable for

Located in Maryland, Baltimore is one of the main cities there. Founded in 1727, this city has a very long history. Baltimore has transformed to be one of the important seaport in the United States. It is now the largest