Claremont Colleges Map to Learn the Location in Claremont College

If you are one of those students who has just accepted for the enrollment in Claremont College, it is not a bad thing to take a look at the Claremont College map to find the locations of the buildings and some other things that you can find in this college. That is because once you have learned some of the things from that map, you will not get lost ever again on this college even though the size of the college is quite big.

North Parts of Claremont Colleges

First of all, you can try to learn things in the north part of this college. The northern part of this college can be simply classified into two main parts. The first one is Harvey Mudd College and the second one is Pitzer College. On the HMC, there are about 20 halls that can be used for the teaching and some other activities that need to be done by the college. The location of the HMC is exactly on the northern part of the Claremont College map. For the Pitzer, it is actually a bit to the northeast part of the map. Even though the area is bigger than HMC, the number of halls is less. Fortunately, the size of the halls is bigger.

Central Parts of Claremont Colleges

The central part can be considered as the center of many activities that you can find on this college. That can be seen from the number of buildings and halls that you can find in the central area of this college. As an addition to that, there are also three main parts of the central part that you need to know. The first one is Claremont Graduate University that takes the west wing of the map. The second one is Claremont University Consortium that takes the small parts on the south. The last one is Scripps College that takes most of the center parts on the map. The area of Scripps College is considered as the largest among these three areas mentioned in the central part of the Claremont College map.

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South Parts of Claremont Colleges

This last one can be considered as the biggest one of all. That is because the south part of Claremont College is dominated by two parts only. The first one is Pomona College that has about 60 percents of the land on the west part and Claremont McKenna College that has the rest of 40 percents on the east part of the college. As two of the biggest parts on the map, you can be sure that there are a lot of different halls that you can find in CMC and Pomona. However, there are more than that because there are also some other spaces that are considered as the additional facilities for all of the students. That is why these two parts on the southern part of the college dominate the overall map.

For your final consideration, it quite important for you to learn the overall map of the Claremont College map. Even though you do not know all of those halls to the details, at least you know where you are going if you have learned a bit about the map of this college.