Colleges Against Cancer for The Better World

Colleges Against Cancer for The Better World


Colleges Against Cancer or abbreviated as CAC is an organization that has a noble purpose. The organization is formed from collaborations with students, national staff, and faculty. The goal of this organization is to eliminate cancer by carrying out missions and programs from the American Cancer Society. This organization already has hundreds of chapters across the country. CAC wants to show the world that the campus and the youth are also concerned with others. Young people can make a good change in the world. The organization raised funds throughout the year by organizing several events. One of the events organized by this organization is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the right event to invite others to care for patients who are attacked by breast cancer. Other events are volleyball games, dodgeball, and so forth. There are many organizations that involve all parts of the campus to participate in this organization. CAC has four strategic guidelines. The guidelines consist of Survivorship, Relay for Life, Cancer Education, and Advocacy. The workings of this organization are to assist the mission of the American Cancer Society. This will show the right area for students interested in getting involved in this organization.

Cancer Prevention

Death and suffering caused by cancer can be prevented in a more systematic way than ever before. This can be done using screening tests, improving physical activity, dieting, and reducing tobacco. This is a publication that can provide predictions of trends and prevalence of major factors of cancer. One of these allegations arises from the use of tobacco. Another factor is prostate cancer that occurs in adults in the United States. The second factor is colorectal which can cause cancer symptoms. HBV and HPV vaccination tests will be performed for the cervix, breast, and so forth. Infectious agents can spread cancer to the patient’s body. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer. If humans do not get proper nutrition, then cancer can invade the body of the patient. Patients with obesity should perform physical activity. If you want to learn this well then you can visit a website that can provide statistical data from this disease. The data consisted of estimates of cancer cases leading to death. You can get data about the ongoing cancer incidence.

The Facts of Cancer

The number of Americans suffering from cancer is growing due to population increase and aging. This is a comprehensive report derived from the collaboration between health behavior research and community research programs. The National Cancer Institute can show estimates of this disease and cancer projection for Americans. The data includes information on the common effects caused by cancer and treatment patterns for cancer. This publication has entered the third edition. This publication is an overview of the burden of cancer in the international world. You can also find estimates of mortality and the number of cancer cases worldwide. All detailed information about cancer can be found in this publication.

The Role of CAC

This organization has an important role to fight cancer. This organization can make you young to care about the community. CAC can provide hope for cancer patients. The patient will have a passion for fighting this disease. That’s a review of Colleges Against Cancer.

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