Colleges at La Rue

Colleges at La Rue

Colleges at La RueColleges at La RueThe Colleges at La Rue is widely known as “The Colleges”. It is an complex located on the University of California, Davis Campus. However, the buildings does not belong to the campus but owned and privately managed by the Tandem PropertiesUniversity of California, Davis is famously known as the UC Davis Campus. It is a public research university among the 10 campuses of the University of California system. The UC Davis is ranked third in the category of the largest enrollment in the system of the University of California. The first and the second one is still held by the UCLA and UC Berkeley. The university has been famous for its professional study program in medicinal category such as nursing and veterinary medicine in the UC Davis Medical Centre. Especially the UC Davis Veterinary Medicine is widely famous among the nation for being the largest one and achieved the highest rank in the entire United States nation for two years period consecutively in 2015 and 2016.

The Characteristics of Colleges at La Rue

The Colleges at La Rue first opened at the Fall Season of year 2000. The buildings of The Colleges can only be rented to the eligible continuing full time undergraduate and graduate students of UC Davis. The Colleges is a very good place for the students to focus on their study because of their isolated location. Outer noise would not be able to hinder the study process in the campus. Even though there is a festival going on, the studying process can still going on as if there is nothing outside. It is a right place for the students to be integrated with the university life and be facilitated with modern apartment for their study.

The Colleges at La Rue have modern and stylish floor plans thus the environment surrounded by rustic European grounds. The apartments are located on the first floor and also the second floor with the accessibility of a stair case for each complex. Barbeque areas and storage spaces facilities are provided for the students in the apartments. It is forbidden for the student to keep large pets within the complex. There is exception however for the small caged pets. But it is also must be within the consent of the apartment management. For fish aquariums with over 50 gallons of water would need waterbed insurance from the renter. The Colleges at La Rue apartments are fully equipped with geothermal heat pumps to get the apartment rooms heated and cooled. Therefore the students have no need to be afraid of the changing temperature of the season within the apartment.

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This complex also provide good mobility of transportation for the students. The complex have bike paths, bike lanes, and also the bike-only connectors surrounding all the streets. For the pedestrian students, it is also not a problem because the complex is already located within the campus itself. Hopefully by reading this short brief article, you might find the reference you need about Colleges at La Rue.

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