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10 Best Colleges for Zoologists in US

If biology is a study about plants, then zoology allow the students to learn about living things especially animals. This is a study about animals with or without backbones from birds, fish, mollusk, insects, worms and of course mammals. You will study about the entire organism if you go to college for zoologists but not only that because you need to know the degree programs offered by some popular universities you can choose to study.

2018 Best Colleges for Zoologists in US

In the colleges for zoologists, you will not only learn about animals and observe about it because you have to learn about structure of animals, behavior, evolution, cellular biology and more. The students who take this concentration will learn about the whole animal populations on their environment and also the anatomy that has relation to the animals as well. The classes in major course sometimes will include also other related subjects such as mathematics, biology and science. The main courses are so many.

The courses may include endocrinology, ecology, animal behavior, genetics, microbiology and also entomology. Those who take this study will help also the professors to conduct the research along with observe the animals directly in the natural habitat and make scientific papers. Those who take this course will spend more time outdoors just to observe the wildlife. However, the graduates of this major can get the specific job and the career opportunities are open widely and so many examples of it.

They can be wildlife rehabilitator, aquarium and zoo curator, environmental manager, conservationist, research scientist and more. Zoologist will seek to find and discover the new information and also protect the wildlife along with understand the animal mind. Based on the data, there are more female students who are interested and applying this course than male students. In 2018, there are some popular universities who offer this course for their students such as:

  • Ohio University-Main Campus
  • University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus
  • Ohio State University-Main Campus
  • Michigan State University
  • Miami University-Oxford
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • North Carolina State university at Raleigh
  • North Dakota State University
  • Oregon State University
  • Colorado State University-Fort Collins
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As the students of zoology, you need to finish some credits and courses along with works to do if you want to graduate. You have to publish your own research paper and it must be a scientific journal, you will spend less time in labs and also lectures, you need to do some researches, collect invertebrates from the field, and do the independent research without group and more. Hope some colleges for zoologists can help you out in choosing the best in your state.

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