Finding the Best Colleges in Bay Area

Finding the Best Colleges in Bay Area

Finding the Best Colleges in Bay AreaThere are a lot of colleges in Bay Area, California, that are considered to be the best and offer great high-quality educational programs. That is why if you live in Bay Area or in San Francisco, you do not have to travel too far for colleges. The colleges and universities located in the Bay Area are all great and they have diverse programs and majors to be studied. If you are now looking for colleges in Bay Area, too, you can get some suggestions down below because some of the best universities and colleges located in Bay Area will be listed below.

1. Stanford University

Everyone knows Stanford University. It is one of the most prestigious universities across the USA. It has been around in the educational world for over a century. Established in 1891, this university has become the center for teaching and research institution. The university has seven schools, among them are in Business, Education, Law, Medicine, Earth Science, and so on. Some of the majors that have the highest enrollment rates, in other words, the most popular among high-school graduates are biology, computer science, and engineering. Some of the notable and distinguished alumni from Stanford University are President Herbert Hoover, Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google founders), novelist John Steinbeck, and many more.

2. University of California-Berkeley

University of California-Berkeley is considered to be the best colleges in the entire state of California and the public university is often made into the top ranks of the colleges in the United States. There are 170 academic departments and also study programs that the university has. The university also has great record in scientific breakthrough and also in social advancements. Some of the newest academic disciplines that we have today were invented here in the University of California-Berkeley, among them are nutritional science, molecular evolution, statistical theory, and many more. There are also a lot of founder or co-founder of major commercial brand such as Intel, Apple, HTC, and MySpace are alumni of the University of California-Berkeley.

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3. Las Positas College

Las Positas College or LPC is a well-known college in Bay Area, located in Livermore. This college has more than 9,000 students and numerous choices of majors and study programs. There are a lot of great programs that always get high number of enrollment every year, among them are early childhood education, liberal arts and sciences, and fire science technology. One of the best thing about LPC is that this college has online program so that students can take the courses anywhere, anytime without having to actually be there in class and attend the classes.

Those are three of the best colleges and universities that you can find in Bay Area, California. They are all great and offering arrays of educational programs. If you are interested in one, two, or all of those universities above, you can contact them and probably ask for enrollment so that you can bring your educational level to one of the best colleges in Bay Area.

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