2 Colleges in New Hampshire You Can Count On For Better Education

2 Colleges in New Hampshire You Can Count On For Better Education

Colleges in new hampshire are well-known as the best among many colleges you can find in this country. Even though New Hampshire is considered one of small area, you can find many high-quality universities here. Most of colleges and universities here also offer more active activity for their student. Basically, if you choose to enter one of them, you will have many good experiences in living and study. Here are some of those places that have the quality that you are looking for.

Plymouth State University

It has quite high acceptance rate, which is 75% of applicants are accepted here. Therefore, you will also have good chance to enter. The education here focuses on how they can train their student mind and body. And in order to facilitate this concept, this university provides Active Living, Learning and Wellness Center. Here you can borrow any equipment that you need to many outdoor activities. And, you can borrow them for free. The other interesting program is Student Outdoor Adventure Program (SOAR). Through this program, student also can get many adventure experiences. You can even play ski on Ski and Snowboard Day that hold every year. In this place, you also can choose between 55 majors program and 60 minors programs. They are included in it, many different disciplines you can choose, from arts and science to sports management. One of the most unique choices is maybe the chance to design the degree that you want. So, student here won’t need to worry about how they spend their time. They spend their time for study indoor and have fun outdoor. You will have full experience in this one of best colleges in new hampshire.

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth is one of the best colleges, not only in New Hampshire, but also in U.S and even in the world. And because of this, the acceptance rate is quite low. It’s only 12% acceptance rate. They did some strict filtering for the student that can enter this place. Basically, we can say this is the place where the best study.

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Dartmouth offer 50 different programs you can take. And, because of its reputation, it has good relation with many faculties and places. Therefore, you will have many opportunities to have internship or learn directly at those places. The other unique thing about this college is the semester system. Today, most of modern college use two semesters per year. However, Dartmouth uses four semesters based on season, which is fall, winter, spring and summer semester. This is actually very useful for student. With this system, student can easily create the schedule that they want. More than that, they can even create the schedule that suitable with how long they want to reach their goal.

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If you compare Dartmouth with other colleges, you can find out that this place is more affordable. It’s located in Hanover. The living cost here is also low. Therefore, you won’t have any problem with your expense, when you study in this college, one of the best colleges in new hampshire.

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