colleges in pasadena ca

Classifications of Colleges in Pasadena CA

There are about 200 or more colleges and universities that you can find in Pasadena CA. That might be one of those reasons why there are quite a lot of students who are a bit confused. They are not able to choose the best colleges in Pasadena CA to continue their education. If you are still confused, there are actually some simple classifications of colleges. Having known the classification, hopefully, you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Closest Colleges

Center of Pasadena is the center of many things. If you live there and look for a college, here are the best. These colleges are some of the closest from the center of Pasadena. There are two colleges that are on the Downtown. The first one is Northwest College and Pasadena College. If you want something a bit far, you can find the California Institute of Technology. The distance is around one mile away from the Downtown. The other two colleges in Pasadena CA are about two miles from the center. They are Providence Christian College and Pacific Oaks Colleges.

Largest Colleges

Some students want a large college. If you have the same opinion, these are the ones that you need to choose. There are at least three to five colleges that have a lot of students enrolled at this college. We can start with the University of Southern California. This university is on the first of the list because of the number of students that reached 42,400 students. The second on the list is the University of California that has the average student numbers of 41,800.

The third one on this list is California State University that is in Northridge. This university has the average students of 40,100 students. The next one is still California State University, but the one that is in Fullerton. In term of students enrolled in this university, the number if reaching 38,100 students. The last one on the list is East Los Angeles College. This college might be the last on the list, but you can be sure that the student’s number reaches 36,000. This university is one of the colleges in Pasadena CA with the largest numbers of students.

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Most Affordable College

The tuition fee is something important. Many people think hundred times before choosing the college that they want. The reason is that of the tuition fee. If you have the same problem, these colleges might be able to help. That is because these colleges in California offers you the cheapest fees that you need to pay. For the start, there is California State University that is located in Los Angeles. It has the average price of 3,160 US dollars only. In the second position, you can find the California State University in Dominguez. This college has a net price of 3,764 dollars only.

The third one is Glendale Community College with an average net price of 3,785 US dollars. This is not that different from California State University in Dominguez. Number fourth is Mt. San Antonio College. The net price that you need to pay for this university is about 4,024 US dollars. The last one that you can find is Citrus College with the net price of 4,694 US dollars.

You need to know those classifications of the colleges in Pasadena CA. That is due to the fact that you can find the best college that you want. You can pick one based on your own need in continuing your education.