Community Colleges of Spokane Jobs Information

Community Colleges of Spokane Jobs Information

Community Colleges of Spokane Jobs InformationAre you looking for Community Colleges of Spokane jobs information? If you are, you are in luck because here in this article, you are going to read all information that you need about jobs in that community college. As we all know, Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS) is a great community college in Eastern Washington that has numerous educational programs. Besides serving educational programs to more than 38,000 students a year, the community college also open a lot of job opportunities so that many people in the community can work together with the institution to improve the quality of living in the community. Below, you will read some information about Community Colleges of Spokane jobs that maybe suitable for your needs.

1. Sign Language Interpreters

Community Colleges of Spokane opens both full time job and part time job. This sign language interpreters is one of the part time jobs that the community college offers. Because Community Colleges of Spokane delivers numerous educational programs and training, a lot of people go to this community college to get the degree. Among the students in the community college are those with special needs, including the hard-to-hear students. Community Colleges of Spokane also has some staff with hard-to-hear conditions. That is why the community colleges open sign language interpreters’ jobs. Although this job is a part time job, it is a continuous job, which means the community colleges always open for anyone applies for the job. The salary for the job is around $25.00 – $40.00 per hour.

If you are interested in this job, the job is required in Spokane or the main campus of CCS and you will be working for the CCS Student Services department. The duties and responsibilities of sign language interpreters in CCS are including interpreting and translating classroom instruction to both voice-to-sign language and sign-to-voice language. Beside of that, interpreting and translating college relate events and campus activities are also part of the job. Sign language interpreters in the CCS also have the responsibility to interpret and translating for job-related needs of the hard-of-hear students and staff. Those who are eligible to apply for the job are those who have at least an associate’s degree from related institution (accredited) and have completed Interpreter Training Program.

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2. Child Care Specialist

Community Colleges of Spokane is not only providing high-quality education for the adults in community but also providing preschool and infant/toddler classroom. That is why this community college has continuous part time job vacancy for child care specialist. If you are good with children and you want to work in CCS, this job is perfect for you. A child care specialist in CCS will be paid $13.48 per hour and they work in the main campus of CCS (Spokane, WA). The part time job is suitable for those who have previous experience with early childhood educations and have at least associate’s degree in related field. A child care specialist in CCS will have the duties and responsibilities to provide educational instruction to early childhood programs. This is one of the best Community Colleges of Spokane jobs for those who want to fill the spare time educating children in CCS.

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