Everything about Day 1 CPT Universities

Everything about Day 1 CPT Universities

Day 1 CPT Universities list is maybe what you look for right now as a freshman. But actually there are several important things you need to know about this term. You really need to know about what this thing is in general even in specific meaning.

Well, CPT is an employment type that will be given to the F1 students only. This is the part of degree program or academic curriculum. Other than that, this has to be done for degree completion. The program is supposed to include the supervision at the work field or other work types that are mandated by the curriculum for hands on the exposure.

Types of CPT

Basically, there are four types of CPT available or offered by the universities. Each of it depends on the university that offers such options and we will describe each type of it down below.

  • CPT is required to obtain certain degree that will require both specific experience and specific field training.

  • CPT is available as the elective thing and it is also available as the credit towards completion of certain degree.

  • CPT is given as the part of dissertation or thesis for experience in the filed towards the research.

  • CPT for co-op programs are generally combining the education and practical thing related to work experience at once.

General thing about CPT

In order to avail CPT, you will need to enroll in the degree for full time. Other than that, this will be given after you get the approval from the department of academic in the university. The DSO will also give you the new I20, which is the indication if you get the approval from the academic department. This thing has to be taken in every semester or as the requirement said so.

But if you do the full time for CPT in 12 months will make you lose the option to get the 12 months OPT then you better watch how you take it. It is actually fine if you take the part time CPT. Still, CPT has to be taken from the day one of your second masters.


CPT from day 1 is actually not approved by the USCIS. If you take the Curriculum Practical Training or CPT right on the day one or the first day of the semester may cause trouble like immigration issue. This issue appears on the H1B filing, extension, and also the process of Green Card.

It is also not recommended if you join a university or not taking the CPT just for the CPT. In many cases, the MS students with H1B that are not picked in the lottery will approach the universities with CPT program in order to extent their status of USA visa until the H1B is in their hands.

During the work of CPT, please make sure that your work is related to your degree. Besides, you are not supposed to use the CPT for more than 12 months. And this is all about day 1 CPT Universities.

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