The Largest Universities in the World

The Largest Universities in the World

The Largest Universities in the World. University is a place for the students to continue the study after they have completed their high school studies. At the university, the students will be more focused in selecting their course and majors. It is also at the university, the students will have to choose their occupation and what they are going to be in the future. Every human has to choose their course in life in order to be accepted in the society and the university is the first step in selecting the course. There are lots of universities in the world nowadays, each country has their own proud university to boast of. The university can either be a government university or also can be the non-government university. In this short article, we would be covering on few of the world’s largest universities in the world.

The World’s Largest University in Enrollment

Which university is the largest university in the world? This is one of the question usually being asked by children if they are asked which university they want to attend in the future. The parents usually would just asked their known closest university to their children if the children ever asked the question. The answer to this question by the category of enrollment would be the Indira Gandhi National Open University or it is called the IGNOU. It has the largest enrollment in the world may also because the country itself is the second most populated country in the world with its number of 1.3 billion population.

IGNOU is the university founded in 1985 run by the government of India. The university was established in order to help the Indian citizen with open and distance education by providing education to every citizen without regards to any social status or segments in the society. It is hoped that through this university, the human resources in the dense country of India would be well strengthened and well educated as well.

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The Second Largest University in the world based on the enrollment category is the California Community Colleges System (CCCS). This University which resides in the state of California has exceeded 2.4 million students currently enrolled within it. The CCCS is headed by the governing board and an executive officer.

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The World’s Largest University in Size

For the category of size, then the one worthy enough of holding the title would be Sewanee University. Sewanee is the university located in the Sewanee of United States. With the land of 13,000 acres or 53km2 is what makes this university the largest university in the world in the category of size. It is one of the oldest university in the United States founded in the year of 1857. The university was first built for creation of university which is free of northern influences. Now the university already has more than 12,000 alumni which originated from more than 50 states and 40 countries from all over the world. Sewanee is also within the top four in the list of American Liberal Arts College by managed to produce 26 Rhodes Scholars, 46 Watson Fellowships, 34 NCAA Postgraduate, and also dozens of Fullbright Scholars.

Hopefully by reading this short article, it will broaden your knowledge on The World’s Largest University.

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