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The Best Learnerships in Gauteng for You

If you reside in Gauteng and need leanership to help you to earn money, there are many choices available for you. Here are best learnerships in Gauteng you can find.

#1. Bursary

The first learnership you can find in Gauteng is Bursary. In this learnership, there is program especially designed for chartered accountant students at a SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountant) accredited university. Bursary is quite popular with its talented and high – performing students. The program also comes with special mission to find out students with qualification needed who needs financial supports. To apply the program in Bursary, there will be some requirements you have to fulfill. You need to currently study at university to become a chartered accountant in South Africa. Another thing should meet the requirement is that you should hold degree that is accredited by SAICA. To join in the program, you need to show your contribution in extramural activities held in university.

#2. SAIPA Learnership

Located in Pretoria, Gauteng, SAIPA one of the learneships in Gauteng which is especially addressed to those who want to meet qualification as a professional accountant. The program works closely with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants or SAIPA. By joining the program, the students will be able to serve their articles, especially in accounting for about 3 years in the SAIPA’s Assurance service. To apply for the program, you should have accounting degree from a recognized college. In joining in this learnership, you should agree to enter a training contract which will be lasted for three years till you turn into a high qualified accountant. The skills you need to have if you want to join in the program include good interpersonal and communication skills, being able to operate computer, administration skills, must be able to work underpressure and over time whenever it is necessary.

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#3. Learner Basic Pharmacist Assistant – Clicks Cornwall

This is an ideal place for you have passion in healthcare, to work and get qualification at the same time. In this learnership you will be guided to study about knowledge you need as pharmacist assistant. This is a job that needs you to make reports to pharmacy manager. The Learnership program for pharmacist assistant offers a complete National Certificate which includes Pharmacist Assistant Learnership Programs and a Further Education and Training Certificate that provides Pharmacist Assistant (Learner Post Basic Phramacist Assistant) which is provided by Pharmacy Healthcare Academy.

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#4. Leaner Technologist (Cytology)

One of the learnerships in Gauteng you can join is Learner Technologist (Cytology). In this learnersip, students will be taught on how to screen slides in the Cytology Laboratory as well as preparing specimens needed. To join in the program, you should meet some requirements include holding National Diploma in Medical Technology. You should also have HCSA registration as a student of medical technologist, or in this case cytology pathology. As candidate, you also need to have at least 6 months up to 1 year of experience in medical laboratory environment.

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