All about New England Association of Schools and Colleges

All about New England Association of Schools and Colleges

New England Association of Schools and Colleges founded in 1885. In many times, it is abbreviated as NEASC. It has been working in aim of establishing as well as maintaining the high standards off all education levels. It also means for both Pre-Kindergarten as well as the doctoral level.

#Brief information about NEASC

NEASC is a membership organization, which is independent, nonprofit and voluntary. It connects for more than 2,000 public as well as independent school, colleges, technical career institutions, and universities. Most of them are New England. However, it also covered the International Schools in more than 65 nations as well. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges is composed of four autonomous commissions serving. It includes public schools, schools abroad, independent schools, as well as institution or higher education. Every commission decides the matters of accreditation within the context of standards, which derived as well as reviewed by its membership. In other words, it will also be reviewed by the Board of Trustees. Furthermore, the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education operates in separate and independent way for all matters of the accreditation.

#The mission of NEASC

The mission, which is held by this organization, is to assess as well as promote the quality of education throughout the accreditations of its member.

#The assurance from NEASC

As already accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, NEASC assure the members in many points. The first one ism it strives in achieving the rigorous as well as common standard in the field of education. The second point is, it demonstrates substantive institutional obligation for continual enhancement. For the next point, it is commited in balancing the creative tensions, which are exist between the local autonomy and the public authority. On the following point, it nurtures individual creative achievement. Meanwhile, the last point is, accreditation includes as catalyst for the improvement of the school.

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#The goal of NEASC

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges ‘s aim in general is to provide a process of meaningful as well as ongoing whole improvement of schools. It is hoped on the same time as it honors the unique culture as well as context for every institution supported by this organization. For more detailed goals of NEASC, continue your reading on the following paragraph.

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The first goal of NEASC is to encourage the pursuit of unique mission, which is within distinctive circumstances by every member. Secondly, it hoped of advocating thoughtful self reflection, which is guided by thorough review. Third, is to promote recognition by the public of the challenges. Next goal is to make clear the value, practice, as well as philosophy of accreditation for the school members, legislative bodies, public, as well as governing boards. For the last goal, NEASC assists the member schools to navigate accreditation. It is in a context, which often dedicated by the state, federal, local mandates, as well as limited means.

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