4 Best New Hampshire Colleges and Universities You Can Choose

4 Best New Hampshire Colleges and Universities You Can Choose

New hampshire colleges and universities are available for everyone who wants to have better education. However, among many colleges and universities, it’s important to choose the best one. For that reason, here are some of those that can be said as the best one in New Hampshire.

University of New Hampshire (UNH)

Located in Manchester, this is one of the best universities you can find. The main reason is how they treat their students. UNH always give their student challenge and no time for idling. So, there are many things student can do here. You can visit coffee shop or art gallery in campus. Or, you can even rock climbing, if you want something more physical.

University of New Hampshire is also one of most affordable universities in New Hampshire. With 80% acceptance rate, we can call it as one of the best option you can choose. And, they also offer many different program, even career-oriented program like English and Cybersecurity.

Rivier University

This college is one of the best places for you who want to learn about education. You can apply what you learn here directly to society. They have Early Childhood Center that serves more than 200 children. This organization also has partnership with schools and education institution in New Hampshire. So, you have what you need here. More than that, they also have many interesting thing you can use. From evening class to commuter satellite for transportation is there for the student.

Rivier also offers nine programs that focused on education. But, if you want to take other program, they also have several career-focused programs. One of unique program you can find here is the 4+1 business program. With this program, you can get MBA in 5 years. This is also the reason which makes it as one of best new hampshire colleges and universities.

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Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

You can find this university in Merrimack. Although this college has small number of student, they still can give you the most rigorous and effective way to study program that you choose. They using Great Books curriculum. And, student also can learn directly from professor, which make the learning process goes fast. Here, you also can learn Latin or Greek. During your study, you will study in Rome for one semester. Basically, you will have more freedom in this place. You can even create your own guidebook, of course with the help from professor.

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Keene State College

This is the place where you can teach many different majors that focus on world. For example, you can find Sustainable Produce Design & Innovation program here. There is even Holocaust & Genocide Studies program, if you interested in history. When you enter this college, you must live on this college dormitory. It’s a must for freshmen and sophomores. It is necessary to build your social and communication skill. Even though they offer many great things, you don’t need to worry about the fee. This is one of the most affordable new hampshire colleges and universities.

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