ERWAT vacancies are the company in South African. This company is established in 1992. There are 21 companies with shareholders from Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Lesedi Local Municipality, and then Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality. ERWAT provides wastewater with the highly technical and

In this era, there are many people who have multichoice careers. Are you one of them who have such careers? If so, there will be some benefits for you who have those kinds of career. You can be happy if

When we talk about Eskom Bursaries, what do you think guys? Okay, let’s learn everything about it together! Firstly, it is better for you to know that Eskom was established in 1923. It was done by the government of South

Hi guys. Are you looking for the traffic department vacancies? If so, we will tell you several things related to the traffic department. Well, the traffic department is a department that enforces some motor vehicles and the road traffic laws.

Rand water internship is a very good program to give practical work experience to some people who need exposure in a certain work environment. So, whoever who are interested in this program, they can join it to get a work

In this nice occasion, let’s discuss the Traffic learnership! As we know, knowledge of traffic is very important for many people, especially for a driver of motorcycle or car. So, we are very suggested to you as a driver to

If you reside in Gauteng and need leanership to help you to earn money, there are many choices available for you. Here are best learnerships in Gauteng you can find. #1. Bursary The first learnership you can find in Gauteng