Pima County Community Colleges at a Glance

Pima County Community Colleges at a Glance

Pima County Community Colleges at a GlancePima County Community Colleges (PCC) is a two-year college located in Tucson, Arizona. It has six locations across the city. The community college is an open-admissions institution and thus it is able to provide affordable educational opportunities for anyone in Tucson and beyond. The comprehensive educational programs given by the community college are diverse and shall meet the numerous needs of the students and the community as well. If you are interested in Pima County Community Colleges and want to learn more about it, below is the further information about the college for you.

  1. What Service Does Pima County Community College Give?

Besides giving educational programs, PCC, as one of the best two-year college in Arizona, also provides services in workforce development. That is why the students in the community college can achieve certificates and associate’s degree in numerous fields after completing the credit courses, and they can also get career training programs. The community college also provides services in adult education and continuing education. All the education programs provided by PCC are designed to be accessible, affordable, and convenient so that everyone can have high quality education and in the end, they can all improve the community.

  1. Educational Programs Offered by Pima County Community College

PCC have numerous programs in several general areas. PCC, along with all educational programs that that they have, is fully accredited. The accreditation is issued by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). PCC also has several specialized programs and they are all accredited and certified by related agencies in authority. Below are some of the educational programs that PCC has:

  • Studies in the Field of Business: Information Systems, Financial Accounting, Principles of Marketing, Introductory Business Law, and Principles of Management.
  • Studies in the Field of Foreign Languages: Spanish Language (Level I and Level II), French Language (Level I and Level II), German Language (Level I and Level II).
  • Studies in the Field of Composition and Literature: College Composition, English Literature, American Literature, College Composition Modular, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, Humanities.
  • Studies in the Field of Science and Mathematics: Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, College Mathematics, College Algebra, Precalculus, Natural Sciences.
  • Studies in the Field of History and Social Sciences: American Government, History of the United States, Western Civilization, Social Sciences and History, Introductory Psychology, Introductory Sociology, Introduction to Educational Psychology, etc
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  1. Degrees Awarded by Pima County Community College

Because of the numerous programs available at PCC, the community college has the right to award numerous degrees as well for the students. The degrees awarded by PCC are including Associate of Arts, Associate of General Studies, Associate of Business, Associate of Applied Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Fine Arts.

That is all you need to know about PCC. The community college is indeed the right place for you if you want to take your education to the higher level. In the community college, you will be able to get high-quality educational program with affordable price. That is why Pima County Community Colleges is always suitable for anyone.

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