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Public Protector Vacancies: Role and Purpose

Due to its important role and function, South Africa government released tight requirements for everyone who wants to fill the country’s public protector vacancies. Find more about public protector here.

#Who Is It Actually?

Public protector is actually one of six state institutions established in South Africa to provide support and defend democracy in the country. Those six institutions are independent from South Africa government, it means they are subject only to the country’s law and Constitution. Above all, those institutions also deliver reports only to parliament every year. In addition, Public Protector is also free from political alliance and no individual or state organization interfere its duties. The one who is selected for this position gets mandate from the 1994 Public Protector Act.

During South Africa’s first democratic election back in 1994, it was decided that Public Protector was needed by the country to provide and maintain a well – managed public administration. So far, there are 4 people have been elected in South Africa’s Public Protector vacancies. The first person in this position was Selby Baqwa who was elected in 1995. He was succeeded by Lawrence Mushwana who held the position since 2002 and replaced by Thuli Madonsela who took office in 2009. The current Public Protector in South Africa is Busisiwe Mkhwebane who took up the post since 2016. For, the organizational structure, this institution comes with an executive office that functions as administers of several major programs, include the Investigation and Outreach, the Executive Management, and the Corporate Support Service.

#Public Protector: What Is the Role and How It Is Appointed?

Public Protector plays important role in South Africa government. It comes with wide – ranging of powers. In addition, the institution also has jurisdiction over all state’s organizations or institutions in which the state holds controls of the shareholder. The institution also has great power to conduct investigation to any misconduct like abuse power, maladministration, and unfair conduct as well as unlawful enrichment that occur at any level of the country’s government.

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So, how to be elected as Public Protector? Due to its essential role and power to make investigation to any level of government, there a lot of requirements that candidates should fulfill for the Public Protector vacancies. The person who holds this position will be chosen by the president of South Africa based on the recommendation of National Assembly. Those who want to take up the post should be the citizens of South Africa with experiences and qualification needed. The candidates should also well reputed and have commitment for integrity and honesty. There will be a committee consists of Parliament members to run the proceedings. The committee should also be able to reflect a balance representation of political parties sit in National Assembly to make sure that the candidate is approved by majority. Parliament is the one who takes responsibility to call suitable candidate six months before. The National Assembly will then vote on the candidate who gets approval from 60% majority.

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