rand water internship

The Requirements to Join Rand Water Internship

Rand water internship is a very good program to give practical work experience to some people who need exposure in a certain work environment. So, whoever who are interested in this program, they can join it to get a work experience of rand water. Are you interested in this program? If so, just prepare yourselves for it.

The program is usually held in 12 months. For you who are as successful as the applicants, you will get monthly stipends during the placements. It is interesting so much, isn’t it?

The preference of final selection to join rand water internship

To join this internship, there are some criteria that the applicants should have. Here are what the providers usually prefer from the applicants to join the rand water internship:

  1. Qualification

In relation to the qualification, applicants should have Matric and also a nationally recognized tertiary qualification. That is the first matter the applicants should own.

  1. Under the age of 30

The second is a little bit crucial. For you who are more than 30 years old, you cannot join this program. So, you should make sure that your age is under 30 before deciding to join it.

  1. Not participating in the previous graduate programs

This case is very clear that you cannot join this program if you ever join it in the previous program. You who have done this program will not be allowed to join it again.

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  1. No working experience

The participants should also be the fresh graduate and never have any working experience. If you have ever worked in certain fields, you are forbidden to follow this internship.

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Well, that is all that you need to join the rand water internships in 2018 or 2019. So, you should at least own the four matters above to be able to join this internship program in this year or next year.

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