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Common Criteria for Traffic Department Vacancies

Hi guys. Are you looking for the traffic department vacancies? If so, we will tell you several things related to the traffic department. Well, the traffic department is a department that enforces some motor vehicles and the road traffic laws. It is mindful of all forms of any traffic activities that occur in the city. So, if you need a vacancy and want to work there, you need to be prepared well. You have to be because the department is responsible for a wide range of function of traffic.

The requirements for traffic department vacancies

Talking about this department, we want to tell you about the requirements you should fulfill before you find the traffic department vacancies. Below are the criteria for you to apply for certain traffic vacancy.

  1. Grade 12 or equivalent

Firstly, to have grade 12 of your education is a must if you want to work in the traffic department. So, you should accomplish your education at grade 12 before you apply for this job. Then, you need to know that there are no specific subjects needed for this job. So, you can apply for this job at grade 12 in any subject.

  1. No criminal record

To be a traffic officer, you should have no criminal record in your life. If you have, you will be rejected.

  1. Medical certificate

The third requirement is to have a medical certificate. It is very important to show that you are healthy and are free from disease. Considering that a sick person is impossible to work in there, to have a medical certificate will be the way to show your health.

  1. No older than 35
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To be a traffic officer, you should also pay attention to your age. Make sure that your age no more than 35. To have far less than 35 is recommended.

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  1. Being employed by a local or provincial authority

In this year, this fifth requirement is a must for going to the traffic department vacancies in 2018. So, make sure you are employed by both local and provincial authority to join the traffic department.

Well, that is all that you should have before deciding to apply for certain traffic department. Hopefully, it will be good information for you.

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