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The Requirements to Join the Traffic Learnership

In this nice occasion, let’s discuss the Traffic learnership! As we know, knowledge of traffic is very important for many people, especially for a driver of motorcycle or car. So, we are very suggested to you as a driver to join the learnership of traffic. Greatly, that learnership will give you a better understanding of the traffic so that you will be a good driver.

Some requirements of applying the traffic learnership

In order to be a good driver, you have to follow the traffic learnership. In relation to that, there are some requirements which you should have, such as:

  1. In grade 12

This qualification means that you must in 12 class of senior high school. Besides, you must have the driver’s license which is completed with either valid code of EB or B.

  1. Free from the criminal

The second requirement is that you have to free or clean from the criminal lists. It can be a small or even a big criminal. So, you must really clean from that thing.

  1. Have fit condition

Then, this requirement is also a very significant thing. You must have a fit condition of your body. It means that you must be healthy.

  1. Prepare some documents

The last one is that you should provide some supporting documents. They are an application form of the traineeship, a copy of qualifications, a covering letter, a curriculum vitae and so on.

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Moreover, related to the traffic learnership 2018, while the traineeship is running, you as the applicants will do some things. It is used to increase your own skill as a traffic driver. Those things are showing a particular patrol by foot, a motorcycle, or a motor car. Then, you will also regulate the traffic and undergo the duty of the room control.

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Thus, in having the program of the traineeship, it will support many people to understand more about the function as a traffic driver properly. Then you can be a good driver in regulating the traffic.

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