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Finding the Best Traffic Officer Learnership in South Africa

A good traffic officer must have complete knowledge about road rules to enforce them. Traffic officer learnership can be a good place for you to learn about the knowledge needed.

Traffic Officers: What Do They Do?

Traffic officers are responsible to do various duties that commonly done by police at the past time. The duties of traffic officers include stopping traffic, managing traffic, closing roads, authorizing relaxations of highway regulations, and much more. They hold vital role in creating road as better place for everyone who uses it. Commonly, those who do job as traffic officers would conduct patrol in pairs. They usually drive 4 x 4 patrol cars with high visibility. With the equipment they carry during their workhours, it is allowed for the traffic officers to abandon vehicles to clear the road from obstructions.

Most of time, traffic officers will also work together with Incident Support Units or ISUs. These are actually special units with more complete equipment to enable them give better responses and supports if there is traffic accident occurs. In this way, the traffic officers and ISUs can provide safer roads for people. Unlike police whose duties often connected to crimes occur on the road, the traffic officers are called to manage these following things: close roads, stop traffic, place traffic signs, authorize specific exceptions on the road, manage traffic at places, and much more. In traffic officer learnership, students will be given knowledge on how to deal with those problems.

Top Traffic Officer Learnership in South Africa

If you are interested to pursue career as traffic officer and help people on the roads, there are some great learnership in South Africa where you can study about the knowledge needed.

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1. Department of Community Safety

This department is located at Mpumalanga and offers learnership for traffic officer to – be yearly. The offering is given to people who reside in the local communities, include those with disabilities. To apply for the learnership, you should fill a form which can be found in nearest Public Service Department.

2. Western Cape Government

Qualifying applicants can apply for this Western Cape Department to join in its various programs which include:

· Premier Advancement of Youth (PAY)

This program is especially designed for newly candidates which have been matriculated and interested in pursuing career at public sector.

· Expanded Public Works

Expanded public works program is suitable the most for those between 18 up to 35 years old. The program has offering for applicants to gain experience in temporary works while shaping skills in the Western Cape Department.

· Service Education and Training Authority (SETA)

In this programs, there will be 21 different sectors that offer interesting training programs.

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Another traffic officer learnership you can find in South Africa is DPSA. This department needs applicants to entirely completed Z83 application. You can download the form and complete it with certified copies of all your important documents and qualifications before you submit it. You should keep in mind that there will be a reference number for each position you apply which should be clearly stated in the form.

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