UCSD Colleges Comparison to Help You Making Decision

Many of you have understood that UCSD colleges consist of six different colleges. That is why when you are talking about UCSD College, there will be six colleges that you can choose. Even though all those colleges are under the same name, it does not mean all of those colleges are similar. That is because there are some differences from all those colleges. That is why the UCSD colleges comparison is an important thing that you need to do. It is highly recommended to do if you want to pick one of those colleges under the name if UCSD.

Revelle College

For the start, Revelle College is becoming one of the best in term of facilities. That is because the buildings and the dorms are quite new. For the overall GE, this college gives you one of the most GEs compared with the other five colleges in UCSD. As an addition to that, there is a lot of literature that you can find as the materials in this college.

Muir College

Muir College is the best option if you love the amazing view because this college is near the beach. That means you will not need a lot to drive to have a bit of vacation. Going to the materials as one part of the UCSD colleges comparison, this college has the least GEs. As an addition to that, many of the students said that the GSEs are quite easy.

Marshall College

If you are talking about the facilities, Marshall College might be one of the most average ones. There is nothing much that you can say about the things inside this college. The same thing is applied to the average material and GEs that you can take here. Fortunately, the numbers of major quite vary so that you will have a lot of options.

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Warren College

Warren College is one of the tightest one in term of rules and policies. That is why many of its students are doing great after they graduated from this college. As an addition to that, this college is the one that focuses on the balance of engineering and science. That is there are a lot of engineering students here.

Roosevelt College

Roosevelt College is believed as the place for party maniac. This is also one thing that you need to put on the UCSD colleges comparison. That is because of the way that students socialize are awesome. Yet, all those parties are in balance with the difficult GEs that you and the other students have to deal with. It is like to play hard after you work hard at Roosevelt College.

Sixth College

As the name implies, Sixth College is the last one. This one is actually a bit average. It is like the small upgrades of Marshall College. That is because the facilities are slightly better, but not the best. The GEs are also quite average, but not that low either. The majors also have some variation, but not that much.

By understanding all those things from those colleges under the name of UCSD, you will be able to do a simple UCSD colleges comparison. The comparison will be able to help you to determine the best one that you need. Because of that reason, choose the best one that you think is the best from that comparison above.