Requirements to Apply in the Universities that Offer CPT from Day 1

Requirements to Apply in the Universities that Offer CPT from Day 1

Universities that offer CPT from day 1 can be seen on the internet and actually there are many universities that open that possibility. Well, if you are one of the international students in the US and have the opportunity to work both fulltime and part time but the restriction of your visa is your concern then you need to read this article. It is a must and an important thing to know all the requirements when it comes to visa or you are going to have a serious immigration problem.

And it is highly recommended to visit the international student immigration center in order to learn all about visa. You can also consult to the immigration attorney in case you have things you need to know further.

The overview

CPT stands for Curricular Practical training. This is the option of off-campus employment that is designer for the F-1 students. Meanwhile, the practical training is the integral part in the case of established academic or curriculum program. CPT is also defined as the alternative for work or study internship, education in cooperative way, or any other type of the required practicum or internship offered by the sponsor. The sponsor has sort of deal or agreement with the school.

In order to be qualified in this program, you need to have the work experience related to your degree. The other possible way is by having excellent academic credit. Yes, you are getting paid by getting into CPT employment. You will also need the get the prior authorization from the International Student Office of your school and also giving the notification to the USCIS.

How to apply for CPT

There are several requirements you have to fulfill in order to be eligible for CPT employment.

You must have been taken or enrolled in school for full time in one year with valid F-1 status. But this requirement is not designed for the graduate students where the program asks for immediate CPT. As it has been said earlier, the CPT employment have to be the integral part of the program or the requirement for the course where you get the credit of academic.

As it has been said, you need the prior authorization from the International Student Office. Once you get the authorization for CPT from the office, you can work but only for the specific employer on the specific dates according to the authorization. The authorization for CPT will also give the specific hour like for part-time (up to 20 hours per week) or the full-time job (more than 20 hours per week). But since you are at school then you can only approved for the part-time.

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Whether you are approved for part time or full time job, your work will be closely with the International Student Office. Even though the general rules are applied, the undergraduates or similar will be guided. It is important to follow the steps when you are applying to the USCIS. This is why you need to work closely to the office before applying for the universities that offer CPT from day 1.

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